Everything You Need to Know About Winter Motorcycle Tires

If you’re a motorcycle rider looking to extend their riding season, winter tires are a must have! As soon as you realize cold weather is here, winter tires should be put on your motorcycle!
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You may be new to winter riding, but we have all you need to know about winter tires below!

Helpful Facts About Winter Tires

For Winter Only

Winter motorcycle tires are much more suitable for slippery roads than regular motorcycle tires. The tires you use in the summer get hard and have much less grip in colder climates. You shouldn’t attempt to use winter tires throughout the whole year either as they overheat in hotter temperatures and don’t grip well to the road in the summer. Winter motorcycle tires should be used in the winter and in cold temperatures only!

Winter Riding

You need to do more than just rely on your winter motorcycle tires to have a safe winter ride. Even more important than ensuring you have your winter tires on is to ensure you are very aware and taking proper safety measures for winter motorcycle riding. There are certain techniques that will differ from how you ride in the summer. If you don’t feel comfortable riding your motorcycle in the winter, even with your winter tires on, its okay to store your motorcycle and winterize it until spring!

So be sure to use the appropriate motorcycle tire for the season you’re in, whether winter or summer, and ride according to the weather conditions. Some winter days may be too much for a motorcycle ride and its okay to stay home and wait it out until better riding conditions come!

Source: www.rideapart.com 

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