Has This Winter Been Too Cold to Ride Your Motorcycle?

Many riders put their motorcycles away for the winter season, but some tough it out. Can it get too cold to ride your motorcycle?

Overall, you should make sure you are comfortable if you decide to ride your motorcycle during the cold months. However, there are some general rules and tips we recommend you follow in the winter to keep yourself safe.

How Cold is Too Cold?

1. Temperature

Generally, it is recommended that you don’t ride your motorcycle if the temperature is below freezing. Not only is this temperature just so cold it isn’t enjoyable, but it can also create dangerous scenarios, like slick roads and other terrible riding conditions. We recommend not going for a ride when it is this cold or if there are any dangerous weather conditions that could make the ride an unsafe one.

2. Know Your Limits

To decide whether you should be out on your motorcycle or not also depends on your level of comfort, skill, and expertise. This doesn’t mean someone who has been riding their whole life is any safer in bad riding conditions, but if you’re a newer rider, then it may be best to stick to summer riding for more practice. If you have even a slight feeling that you shouldn’t be riding your motorcycle in the cold or the winter weather, then just stay home and wait a day. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Wear the Right Gear

If you do need to be out on a ride with your motorcycle in the cold weather this winter, you must at least be wearing proper gear. Wearing full length finger gloves in the winter is a must – you don’t want to be caught with hands that are too cold to control your motorcycle. You should also be sure to layer your clothing and motorcycle gear for the winter.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable and prepared for the weather and temperature if you’re going on a motorcycle ride. Cold weather in the winter isn’t easy for riders, so be sure you are following our tips to keep yourself and others safe while on the road.

Source: www.motorcyclehabit.com 

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