The World’s Best Motorcycle Museums for You to Visit This Winter

It’s easy to get bored as a motorcycle rider during the winter, but there are many motorcycle-related activities you can do to keep the off-season fun, like a visit to a motorcycle museum.
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Here are some of the world’s best motorcycle museums we think you need to visit this winter.

Top 5 Motorcycle Museums

1. Harley Davidson Museum, USA

We all know the Harley Davidson Museum is a bucket list item no-doubt. This amazing motorcycle museum has over 450 historic Harleys and thousands of photo, video, and document artifacts from the Harley Davidson archives. This is a motorcycle museum you won’t want to skip out on!

2. BMW Museum, Germany

The BMW Museum, located right beside BMW HQ in Munich, includes cars and motorcycles. One of its most interesting sights is its ‘Wall of Motorcycles’. This one is definitely worth the visit this winter.

3. Ducati Museum, Italy

The Ducati Museum in Italy is renowned as one of motorcycling’s jewels. It houses race bikes, superbikes, and many kinds of motorcycles. This museum has some of the most amazing displays out of all the museums on this list.

4. Sammy Miller Museum, UK

Actually developed by the ex-rider Sammy Miller, this is one of the greatest motorcycle museums in the United Kingdom. It is fully dedicated to British and European classics and has some of the most exotic racing motorcycles you can see.

5. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, USA

If you’re a vintage lover, you need to see this motorcycle museum! This museum has over 1500 vintage and modern motorcycles and is the world’s largest motorcycle museum. What a sight to see!

Visiting motorcycle museums and spending your time this winter with other motorcycle related activities is a great way to help you stay positive even with the terrible weather. Don’t spend all winter counting down the days, make the days count! 

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