3 Questions to Ask if You’re Buying Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario

As motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Ontario, there are some very important questions to ask. Find the answers below!

We’ve outlined some of the most important details to know when purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy in Ontario. Read this before you begin the process.

Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario

1. Does your motorcycle licence limit the type of motorcycle you ride?

Simply put – no, the type of motorcycle licence you have doesn’t determine the type of motorcycle you are legally allowed to drive. There are three different motorcycle licences you can obtain in Ontario: M1, M2, and M. The different levels have specific restrictions, for example, what time of day you can drive, if you can have a passenger, etc. The level of license you have can impact the cost of motorcycle insurance. Newly motorcycle licensed drivers can expect to pay higher premiums in general.

2. Does the type of motorcycle you ride affect your motorcycle insurance?

The type of motorcycle you ride has an impact on your insurance premium in Ontario. This is something you should evaluate before deciding which motorcycle you will be purchasing. Sport motorcycles are generally the most expensive bikes to insure. Cruisers and touring bikes are generally considered safer and therefore can cost less to insure. The value of the bike can have an impact on the cost of insurance as well.

3. What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Motorcycle insurance policies in general have a lot of the same coverages as other auto insurance policies in Ontario. In order to operate a motorcycle legally, you will need third party liability, direct compensation, property damage coverage, and accident benefits coverage. Optional coverages include physical damage, fire, and theft coverage.  

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