Discover What Your Motorcycle Needs to Pass the Safety Test in Ontario

Did you know you can’t put a licence plate on your motorcycle unless it has passed the Ontario safety test and you have obtained a safety standards certificate? Read more below.

Many riders don’t know just how necessary it is to have your motorcycle pass the safety test in Ontario.

Without passing this safety test, you will not be able to put plates on your motorcycle. The cost of obtaining a safety standards certificate in Ontario varies from bike to bike. It will be different at each motorcycle inspection and is not a set price regulated by the government.   

Ontario Motorcycle Safety Test

When You Need an Ontario Safety Test for Your Motorcycle

There are a few reasons why you may need to take your motorcycle to an MTO to obtain a safety standards certificate:

1.     You are registering a rebuilt motorcycle

2.     You are transferring ownership of a used motorcycle

3.     You are registering a motorcycle bought in a country other than Canada

4.     You would like to change the status of your motorcycle from unfit to fit

What the Ontario Safety Test Looks At

Before getting your motorcycle certified you may want to have some elements of your motorcycle repaired in order to pass the safety test in Ontario. Some major elements of your motorcycle that will be examined include:

1.     ABS

2.     The body of your motorcycle

3.     Any modifications that have been done to your motorcycle

Be sure to obtain a safety standards certificate in Ontario if you are in the group listed above. It is important for legal reasons and to ensure everyone’s safety on our roads!


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