Become a Fall Fog Riding Expert with These Safety Tips

As much as we love to extend our riding season to the fall, there are new hazards we need to be aware of when riding to ensure our safety, and fog is a common one we face in the fall season.
Become a Fall Fog Riding Expert with These Safety Tips, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

You will become a much safer motorcyclist and reduce your risk of accidents with these safety tips for riding in the fog this fall.

Risks of Riding in the Fog

When you get stuck riding in the fog, you lose a lot of your visibility which reduces your safety and can put you at risk. This can happen due to the moisture build up on your helmet and can also be caused by sudden white out conditions. It is likely that other motorcycles and vehicles have a lack of visibility so they may not see you which can also be dangerous. Fall comes with a lot of riding hazards, and visibility is very important to focus on.

Safety Tips for Riding in the Fog

  • Wipe your mirrors and helmet visor when possible
  • Wear reflective gear throughout the fall months
  • Allow extra space between vehicles when riding in fog
  • Take the most familiar route you’re used to riding
  • Make a lot of lane changes or pass other vehicles
  • Make sudden brakes
  • Stop on the side of the road in the fog
  • Speed in the fog, even if a vehicle is following you too closely – pull all the way over with your hazard lights on and allow the vehicle to pass instead

This fall, be sure to incorporate these safety tips when riding, especially if you get stuck in the fog. 

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