Learn How to Avoid Fall Foliage Distracted Riding

The beautiful fall foliage is one of the best things about living in Ontario and we love to see it every year. While it can cause distracted riding, we have helpful tips to prevent this from happening.

Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful routes and you can experience scenic rides filled with colourful foliage. This fall, learn how to stay focused and avoid distracted riding with our tips.

Distracted Riding Safety Tips for Fall

Tip 1: Be Aware of Others

It is important to pay attention to how other drivers are reacting to the fall foliage to know if they are distracted while driving. Pay attention to whether their vehicles are swerving or not. You should also watch if their speed changes while driving; if they are randomly stopping and speeding up while driving this can indicate they aren’t paying attention to the roads.

Tip 2: Ride Carefully

Not only do you need to pay attention to other drivers this fall but be sure not to get distracted yourself while riding through the beautiful fall foliage. You should also be sure to leave extra stopping room between you and others who are driving just in case.

Tip 3: Plan Ahead

If you do want to take the time to go driving through the beautiful fall foliage this year, you should plan ahead and go during the week when the roads are likely to be less busy. If you decide to go in your car rather than your motorcycle, you could bring a passenger with you while driving to increase awareness and safety.

This fall be sure to follow these safety tips while riding to ensure your safety. Don’t get distracted by the beautiful fall foliage and enjoy your ride.


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