Unbelievable Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Summer Motorcycle Jacket

The heat, the weather, and how often you ride can help you decide which motorcycle jacket you should choose. Find out what kind of jacket is ideal for you this summer using our helpful tips.
Unbelievable Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Jacket, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

The main difference between jackets is the material it is made of and each material has its own pros and cons. We’ve listed what type of summer jacket will be best for you based on what need out of your motorcycle jacket.

How to Choose the Perfect Summer Motorcycle Jacket

1. Leather

If you’re looking for as much protection as possible from your motorcycle jacket, leather is the option for you. It’s important to keep in mind how extremely hot the summer weather can be, and leather might not be the best option when riding on these hot days.  You may want to opt for a mesh or textile motorcycle jacket for the summer instead, or purchase both types of jackets so you have alternatives to select from based on the weather.

2. Mesh or Textile

Mesh or textile motorcycle jackets offer protection, although not as much as a leather motorcycle jacket. However, it is better to wear a mesh or textile jacket than no jacket at all, and they are much easier to bear in the summer heat.

3. Combination

Another motorcycle jacket option to consider would be a combination jacket. These are mostly mesh or textile with leather in key areas to offer extra protection where it is needed most. This combination may be your best bet if you only want to own one jacket for the summer!

Now that you know your motorcycle jacket options for the summer, you can choose the type of jacket that best suits you and be comfortable and protected all summer long.

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