The Ultimate Ways to Reduce the Impact of Motorcycle Vibration

Vibration and pressure are often experienced when riding a motorcycle, and unfortunately these can sometimes lead to injuries. Below we have the best tips to reduce vibration while riding!
The Ultimate Way to Reduce the Impact of Motorcycle Vibration, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Maximum comfort and enjoyment during a ride on your motorcycle are possible if you can reduce the uncomfortable vibration and pressure. Here are some sure-fire ways to do so!

Minimizing Motorcycle Vibration


Investing in a good pair of motorcycle gloves can help with comfort, style, and safety. The best motorcycle gloves will help reduce motorcycle vibration which can also help reduce the likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome. When shopping around, focus on padding and comfort to ensure you’re getting the best pair.

Cruise Control

Speed is a big factor in motorcycle vibration. Using cruise control can help control speeds, which helps to reduce vibration and pressure on your hands.


Making adjustments to the positioning of your motorcycle is key to reducing motorcycle vibration. Try lowering the handlebars to reduce strain on your arms to help reduce pressure and vibrations. Lower handlebars usually make managing vibrations easy over longer distances.

Loosen Grip

Vibration and pressure on your hands and arms is increased when your grip is tight; loosening your grip will help to reduce the effects. Grip covers are another option to increase comfort which may help you to loosen your grip while riding.

Try our tips on your next motorcycle ride and notice the difference in comfort when vibration is reduced. Just be sure to stay extra aware on the roads when making any changes to your normal riding routine so you stay safe.


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