Find Your Perfect Valentine Using the Top 3 Biker Dating Sites

As a biker, dating someone who doesn’t ride can be challenging, especially without the shared interest for motorcycles. To help you this Valentine's Day, we’ve listed the top 3 dating platforms for those who love to ride!
Find Your Perfect Valentine Using These Top 3 Biker Dating Sites, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Finding the perfect person to date can be difficult, especially if you don’t share similar interests or hobbies. If you love riding as much as you hope to find true love, try these dating sites to meet someone who shares the same passion for motorcycles! 

Best Biker Dating Sites

#1 Biker Planet

This dating website is customized for bikers only. It is one of the best dating sites as it regularly monitors scammers and ensures safety. Drivers licences, photos, and age are all verified upon registration. This site, which has been functioning for over 15 years, has an average of about 512,000 users, has a great reputation and is completely free to use. Finding a Valentine just might be easier than you think using Biker Planet.

#2 BikerKiss

BikerKiss is a very user-friendly website that makes browsing easy. It’s all about sharing your own biker experiences and learning about others on the dating site. The habit-based search is the most interesting element of this site; it allows you to find other bikers that share the same riding habits as yours to find the best match. While some dating sites charge users for access, BikerKiss is 100% free, all the more reason to search for a Valentine!

#3 Biker or Not

This website is not strictly a dating site, but a general social platform for bikers. Biker or Not can be a great way to find your significant other because it is such a popular site. It’s also another free website, so we highly recommend you check it out, make an account, and socialize with other bikers who share your love for the biking lifestyle! Even if this doesn’t end up in you finding a Valentine, you may make some other great biker friends.

Through these dating sites we hope you can find the perfect Valentine and maybe even a forever partner – someone who shares your love of motorcycles, understands your biker lifestyle, and can create adventurous biker memories with you!


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