3 Precious Tips to Know Before Buying New Motorcycle Gloves

For many reasons, gloves are a crucial part of your essential motorcycle gear. We have some important things you should know before you buy your next pair.
3 Tips to Know Before Buying New Motorcycle Gloves, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

There are many benefits to wearing motorcycle gloves, so we think it’s important to be aware of what to look for when shopping for the perfect pair.

Three Motorcycle Glove Tips

Tip 1: Comfort

Your new motorcycle gloves should fit snug without bunching up or sliding off. Before you buy them, or any motorcycle gear for that matter, you should try them on. Make sure the gloves don’t restrict your range of motion. You can also buy motorcycle gloves with ventilation, and this is where comfort and safety go hand in hand. Ventilation in the gloves will keep your hands cool during the hot summer months which helps keep your focus on the road ahead of you instead of on any discomfort you may feel from the glove. Keeping your hands warm during colder months is also a bonus!

Tip 2: Safety

The fit of your new motorcycle glove is important for more than just comfort, but for your safety too. The glove should fit about 2 inches over your wrist for extra protection. Extra padding inside the glove may be beneficial should your hands ever meet pavement while riding your motorcycle. 

Tip 3: Style

Choosing to buy a good quality gloves is worth your while for comfort, safety, and style. The gloves should be able to handle different weather conditions. It’s also important to make sure your gear aligns with your personality and what you believe in. There are even vegan options for those who do not support wearing real leather which we have listed here: 

  • Olympia #760 Air Force Gel
  • Olympia #765 Ladies Air Force Gel
  • Olympia #757 Air Force Fingerless Gel

There are many factors that go into buying the safest, and most comfortable motorcycle gloves. Ensure you are choosing the right gloves for your needs before you buy just any pair.

Source: www.olympiagloves.com

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