Choosing the Best Fall Motorcycle Jacket

Fall weather is creeping in and that means a change in what you'll wear to ride. We did some research on the best motorcycle jackets for the fall season and you won't be disappointed with the list we compiled.
Choosing the Best Fall Motorcycle Jacket, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Whether you are looking for something to keep you warm, protected, or in style, this list will have something for you. Take a look at our top men’s and women’s jackets to wear on your fall rides.

Our Favourite Fall Jackets for Men:

#1 Schott NYC 141 Classic Racer Jacket

Material: Naked cowhides
Features: insulated vest liner, bi-swing back and underarm footballs allowing larger range of motion, side buckles for a tailored it, tough material

#2 Resurgence Rocker Jacket

Material: Canvas
Features: Extremely strong protective lining, D30 in the shoulders, elbows, and back for extra protection

#3 Vanson Stormer Waxed Canvas Jacket

Material: Waxed canvas
Features: Abrasion protection, water-resistant, casual style, long-lasting materials

Our Favourite Fall Jackets for Women:

#1 Rev’it Women’s Logan Jacket

Material: Denim
Features: Elongated cut on the back and sleeves to keep wind out, Armor included in the arms, shoulders, and back

#2 Altimate Fox Leather Jacket

Material: Tough cowhide
Features: Padding on shoulders, elbows, and back, removable liner great for hot or cold days

#3 Schott NYC Women’s 626 VNW Jacket

Material: Premium quality cowhide
Features: Extremely durable and stylish for on and off the motorcycle

We hope you find the right fit with these awesome picks we have been loving lately. Make sure to consider what is most important to you in a jacket and shop accordingly. The right jacket can make your fall ride more comfortable, enjoyable, and safer!

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