The Truth About Riding with Your Dog on Your Motorcycle

Taking your furry friend for a ride this summer can be a fun experience! However, there are some things you should be doing to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable on your motorcycle.
The Truth About Riding with Your Dog on Your Motorcycle, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

There are many options for bringing your dog on the road with you. Whichever option you choose, we have tips to make sure your dog stays safe while riding. 

The Top 5 Tips You Need To Know Before Riding With Your Pet

#1 Make sure your dog is comfortable on your motorcycle

  • You can test this by putting your dog in their motorcycle carrier while your bike isn’t running. Give them lots of praise and treats if they are doing well.
  • Next, bring your dog on the bike and start the engine. Continue to give them treats. If they become frightened, relieve them and don’t push it too far. Some dogs will never be comfortable enough to ride, no matter how much you try to ease them into it.

#2 Select the appropriate way to transport your pet

  • If you have a small-to-medium dog, you may want to try out a dog carrier.
  • A sidecar or trailer is a good option for larger dogs; there are fully enclosed or partially open versions of these options to suit your preference.

#3 Protect their eyes

  • It’s really important you protect their eyes, just like our eyes they need to be shielded. There are goggles specifically made for dogs available at many pet stores, bike shops, or here on Amazon

#4 Ensure your dog’s safety

  • They should be strapped in at all times. Even if your dog is obedient and won’t jump out, the risk of riding over a bump or getting into an accident is enough of a reason to have them secured. 
  • In addition, if your dog isn’t secured they could distract you, potentially causing safety issues.
  • Each type of pet carrier or trailer will have its own instructions on how to properly secure your dog onto your motorcycle. 

#5 Prepare your pet before going on a ride

If you follow these tips and take the proper precautions this summer, you’ll enjoy many relaxing and enjoyable rides with your favourite furry friend!

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