Keeping Cool on Your Summer Ride

Finally, the hot weather is here and that's why we're sharing how to stay cool in this heat! We have some great tips that will help keep you cool all summer while riding your motorcycle.
Keeping Cool on Your Summer Ride, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a motorcycle ride. Often that discomfort comes from overheating, so we have put together straightforward tips to help prevent that from happening this summer!

7 Tips for Staying Cool on a Motorcycle Ride

 1 | Hydration is Key

It’s important to be hydrated before you ride. You should also bring along a cold bottle of water and stop for a drink periodically.

 2 | #BeWise When it Comes to Clothing

Wearing light, breathable, moisture-wicking layers will help promote airflow and move sweat away from your body helping you stay comfortable.

3 | Ventilated Gloves

Ventilated motorcycle gloves will allow your hands to breathe and stay cool. Here is some other must-have gear to keep you cool this summer.

4 | Vest Up

Try riding your motorcycle while wearing a cooling vest.  Coldwater circulates throughout the vest leaving you feeling cool.

5 | Have a Plan

Typically, the hottest part of the day is between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm so try and ride before and after this period while taking a break during the heat of the afternoon.

6 | The Wet Bandana Trick

Wet a bandana with ice-cold water and wrap it around your neck.  This will help keep you cool/cool you down and is something you can do at a rest stop along your motorcycle ride.

 7 | Apply Sunscreen

Although much of your skin is covered there are still some exposed areas that must be protected. Apply sunscreen all over your body especially focusing on your face, neck, hands, and wrists.

We hope these tips help make every motorcycle ride a great one this summer!

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