Tips for Making Long Motorcycle Rides More Enjoyable

One of the most enjoyable things to do is take your motorcycle for a nice long ride! We've shared five steps to ensure it’s the perfect experience.
Tips for Making Long Motorcycle Rides More Enjoyable, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

5 Tips for Long Motorcycle Rides

Tip 1 | Snap Pictures

If you’re riding along a new route or one with beautiful views, take some time to pull over safely and snap some pictures of the scenery or any other cool things you see along the way!  You can submit your pictures to us here, we’d love to see where you’ve been!

Tip 2 | Don’t Get “Hangry”

Be prepared with snacks that you can safely eat along the way. You want to make sure your energy levels are up so you enjoy the ride!

Tip 3 | Stop to Rest

Stopping to stretch your legs and give your body a break is very important. Generally, a good rule is to take a break each time you have to stop to fill your tank with gas.

Tip 4 | Invest in a Windshield

For your standard ride, a windshield may not seem like a necessity. But, for those long motorcycles rides, it can be very helpful in blocking the wind and reducing the beating your body will take from it.

Tip 5 | Anticipate Changes in Weather

Before you leave, check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. A long ride can have you driving through different weather patterns so you must know what you are getting into and whether or not you should bring along rain gear or warm clothes.

We hope these tips help you have a more enjoyable ride experience. If you’re looking for a nice long route to ride this summer check out these three Motorcycle Routes in Ontario You Need to Explore!

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