Must Have Gear to Keep You Cool This Summer

It’s a hot sunny day, the perfect day for a motorcycle ride. But you worry about becoming uncomfortably hot and sticky. Luckily, we have a hot weather gear guide to keep you cool.
Must Have Gear to Keep You Cool This Summer, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We have written about how to stay cool on a hot summer ride, but here we are going to focus specifically on motorcycle gear designed for hot weather rides.

Hot Weather Riding Gear

Keep It Light

It’s important to keep most of your skin covered while out for a motorcycle ride. But, on a hot day, this can become uncomfortable if the right gear isn’t worn. So in the spirit of keeping it light, you should consider:

Mesh Pants

Look for riding pants that have mesh panels that allow for airflow. This will help to dry sweat and keep you cool.

Ventilated Jacket

Find yourself a riding jacket with ventilation. Whether it’s vents located under the arms or along the seam of the back, this will help keep air flowing and your body cool. Also look for a jacket made of lightweight, moisture-wicking materials.

“Cool” Gloves

The right pair of gloves can go a long way in keeping you cool. Six glove features that can keep you cool are:

  • Air vents
  • Knuckle and palm protection
  • Breathable leather and fabrics
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Gel pads
  • Fingerless gloves

We hope these tips help keep you cool on a hot day when you’re out riding your motorcycle!  Show us where you’ve been riding by submitting your summer touring pictures here!

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