Why Earplugs Are Essential to Your Ride

What's the most overlooked piece of equipment when it comes to riding your motorcycle? Believe it for not, earplugs...and they are essential when you ride, we've shared why.
Why Earplugs Are Essential to Your Ride, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Trust us, earplugs are beneficial for all motorcycle riders, but you won’t realize how great they are until you give them a try. We’ve shared the top three reasons why they are so important.

Prevent Damage

Beyond making the ride more comfortable and quieter, earplugs help prevent long term damage.  Although it is tough to say what decibel level you are exposed to while riding because every helmet and motorcycle are different, you are likely experiencing levels well above the accepted threshold when out for a ride.  This means that you are exposing yourself to potential long term hearing damage. A good pair of earplugs can help mitigate this risk.

Helmets Don’t Protect Your Ears

Helmets are obviously a necessity for riders, and while they can help to decrease sound anywhere from 5 to 10 decibels, this is not enough to consider them as a solution.  Depending on how fast and how long your ride, not wearing earplugs will still put you at risk for hearing damage. 

Which Earplugs?

Like any piece of motorcycle equipment, you must have the most comfortable option. If something isn’t comfortable, you’ll likely avoid using it.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for your earplugs they will all do the same thing. A cheap pair of foam ones will work just as well as a set of silicon earplugs in this case.  Another thing to consider is some earplugs are designed to block out noise while others are simply designed to muffle it so you can still hear and be aware of your surroundings.

Take our advice and start using earplugs so you can protect your hearing and enjoy the ride!

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