How to Get Your Motorcycle in Tip Top Shape for Summer

The nicer weather is here and we are knocking on summer’s door. So, you know what time it’s time to prep your motorcycle!
How to Get Your Motorcycle in Tip Top Shape for Summer, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

It’s important to make sure your motorcycle is in proper working order. If you prepped it properly for winter, summer prep should be a breeze. If you are somewhat competent mechanically, these prep tasks should be no problem to complete after consulting your owner’s manual. You can also bring it to a mechanic just to be sure!

5-Step Simple Summer Prep Guide

#1 Tires

Most likely, your tire pressure will be significantly reduced due to the cold winter weather, so, you must ensure the tire pressure is at the correct level. You can check this using a tire pressure gauge and referring to your motorcycle owner’s manual.

#2 Fuel System

If you didn’t add fuel stabilizer to your fuel system before storing your motorcycle for winter it’s best practice to drain the fuel from your bike before starting it when performing summer prep.

#3 Engine Fluids

When you take your motorcycle out for the summer, one of the first things you should do is perform an oil change. Next, you should check other fluids such as coolants.

#4 Brakes

First, squeeze your breaks to make sure they feel right. Next, check to make sure you have enough brake fluid and it is the colour of apple juice. Check your brake pads too and if they have reached the wear line replace them.

#5 Lights

Make sure all lights and indicators are working i.e. brake light and turn signals and replace any lights that aren’t working.

Once your summer motorcycle prep is complete check out these three must ride routes in Ontario. We hope you have an amazing summer on the open road!

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