Spring Hazards for Motorcycle Riders and How to Avoid Them

We’re excited that the nicer weather is finally here! But there are some spring motorcycle hazards you need to know about!
Spring Hazards for Motorcycle Riders and How to Avoid Them, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario
Here we have tips to help prepare you for common spring motorcycle hazards!

6 Spring Motorcycle Hazards and How You Can Avoid Them!

#1 Debris on the Road

Keep an eye out for debris on the road like leftover salt and sand from the winter.  You should also be alert for other debris such as plastic bottles.

#2 Potholes

Potholes are a nuisance to avoid by anyone operating a motor vehicle, but they are a dangerous hazard for motorcycles.  Hitting a pothole can not only damage your wheel rim, but can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle.  Avoid speeding so you can safely avoid a pothole by riding around one smoothly.

#3 Animals

Many animals such as raccoons and skunks are more active in the spring, so you’ll likely see them on the roads.  Always be alert and on the lookout for them, especially at dusk and dawn.  Animals on the road can be a major hazard for motorcyclists.

#4 Physically Unfit

Being fit helps you manage your motorcycle more while riding and it also gives you the necessary stamina you need to enjoy the ride.  Maintaining physical fitness is important for your mind and body as mental and physical strength are both needed to ride a motorcycle.

#5 Traffic

During winter, cars and other traffic have not had to share the road with us because we parked our motorcycles.  Now that spring is here, we’re taking every opportunity to ride.  Ensure you leave space between you and the vehicles so they can see you and don’t ride in their blind spots.

#6 Your Motorcycle Isn’t Ready

It’s important you take the time to get your motorcycle ready for spring to avoid other hazards like your motorcycle breaking down!  Read our tips on how to do that here.  You can also bring your motorcycle to a mechanic before your first spring ride.

It’s always important that you ride safely!  Be on the lookout for these spring motorcycle hazards to ensure a safe and smooth ride. 

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