How to Find the Best Motorcycle Mechanic for Your Spring Tune-Up

How to Find the Best Motorcycle Mechanic for Your Spring Tune-Up
How to Find the Best Motorcycle Mechanic for Your Spring Tune-Up

Do you have a mechanic you can trust?  With spring weather upon us, most of us are ready to ride our motorcycles but we recommend having a mechanic look at your bike before your first spring ride. 

Here are our tips on finding a great motorcycle mechanic!

#1 They are Honest

A good mechanic should be honest as well as willing and able to answer all your questions.  If the mechanic is vague about the work they are doing and can’t give you an estimate, this should be a red flag.  Mechanics should know what they are doing and shouldn’t hide their work.  They should address any concerns you have about your motorcycle and take them seriously.

#2 They Are Respectful

A good motorcycle mechanic shouldn’t make you feel like you’re taking up their time.  If a mechanic can’t be bothered with you, then you shouldn’t bother with them. 

#3 They Pay Attention to Detail

Take notice of the mechanic’s shop.  Is it clean?  Are the motorcycles cared for and neatly lined up? If the mechanic has a lot of bikes that are unfinished projects, do you want yours to become another one?  You want a mechanic who can get the job done in a timely manner, especially for your spring tune-up so you can get out and ride.  

#4 They Ask You Questions

It’s a good sign if the mechanic asks you a lot of questions.  It means they want to know about your motorcycle’s history to ensure they know how to tackle the project.  It also shows they are willing to listen.

To summarize, a good mechanic is one who will do quality work, who will work with you to make sure your motorcycle runs exactly how it should and one who would never take advantage of you.   

We hope you have a great mechanic that you can trust to work on your motorcycle!  If not, we hope our tips help you find a great one so your spring tune-up gets done efficiently. 

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