How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for a Spring Ride

Winter in Ontario has almost come to an end so now is the perfect time to start getting your motorcycle ready for spring! Is your motorcycle ready for a spring ride yet?
How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for a Spring Ride

Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the Ontario snow and hello to endless spring motorcycle rides.  We’re sure you’re as excited as we are.  But before your first spring ride, make sure your motorcycle is ready.  Here we have some tips on how to get your motorcycle ready for spring.

6 Tips on How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for a Spring Ride

#1 Battery

If you do a good job at maintaining them, motorcycle batteries can last for approximately four years.  If you’ve left yours charging over winter, it will hopefully have kept its charge.  If for some reason you forgot to charge it, you can always try now or buy a new one.  Before you start your motorcycle, make sure the battery is securely in place and check the terminals to ensure they’re free of dirt and corrosion.

#2 Tires

Checking the tires on your motorcycle is one of the most important safety checks you’ll do before your first spring ride – and we suggest checking them before every ride.  Ensure you check for tread depth, cracks and bulges.  If your motorcycle sat all winter, your tires could have developed soft spots.  Check the air pressure and inflate both tires to the setting recommended by the manufacturer.

#3 Brake Pads

Most brake pads have wear bars on them so be sure to inspect them to see how much wear is left.  Make sure to test front and rear brakes and listen for squealing or scarping noises.

#4 Tool Kit

Ensure all the tools in your motorcycle’s tool kit are there and are clean and rust-free.  Replace any that are missing.

#5 Fluids

Make sure you check all the fluids and change them if that is required.  Look for any changes with consistency and colour.  Brake fluids should be replaced every two to three years – check your motorcycle’s manual to ensure you are using the correct brake fluid.

#6 Lights

It’s a good idea to test your motorcycle’s headlights, brake lights, flashers and turn signals to ensure they are working. 

Now that the Ontario winter is behind us and your motorcycle is ready for spring, you may want to bring it in to a mechanic for one last look.  We hope you found our tips helpful and we hope you enjoy your first spring ride!

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