Selecting the Best Of 2020 Motorcycle Helmet Technology

Motorcycle helmet technology is constantly changing and improving. That’s why you need to stay up on the latest and best options, don’t worry, we’ve shared our picks.
Selecting the Best of 2020 Motorcycle Helmet Technology, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We were inspired by a video Champion Helmets shared titled, Best Motorcycle Helmets 2020 Road Tested and Video. We’ve outlined our top 3 motorcycle helmets after seeing what they had to say, but we highly suggest you watch their video for further detail.

Without a doubt, motorcycle technology is rapidly changing, and it’s not like you can road test all of them, but our friends at Champion Helmets have and we’ve summarized their findings for you.

3 New Motorcycle Helmet Technology Advancements You Need To Know About  

The #1 Full-Face Helmet | Shoei X-Spirit 3

  • What it’s made of: a fiberglass and carbon blend, making it very lightweight
  • Size options: it comes in four sizes to give you the best fit
  • Highlights: chin/brow/top/back vents, the inside material is anti-bacterial and washable

The #1 Modular Helmet | Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon

  • What it’s made of: carbon fibre, making it lightweight
  • Size options: it comes in two shell sizes only
  • Highlights: comes with an internal dun visor, there are two vents at the chin and top and comes ready for the Sena SC1 communication system

The #1 Sport-Touring Helmet | Shoei GT Air 2

  • What it’s made of: Shoei’s AIM material, which is described as multi-layered organic fibrous material and making it lightweight
  • Size options: there are three shell sizes available
  • Highlights: chin/top of head vents with two large vents in front (all adjustable), features integrated sun visor, anti-fog pinlock, and the inside material is anti-bacterial, fully removable, washable and noise reducing
  • Safety feature: has emergency release straps

Read more detail and learn about the specific road tests and new motorcycle helmet technology at, it is a great and informative motorcycle helmet article.


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