Learn All About Winter Motorcycle Riding

In Ontario, if you want to practice winter motorcycle riding, you have months to do so. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about winter riding.
Learn All About Winter Motorcycle Riding, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

When it comes to winter motorcycle riding, it’s imperative you’re prepared for everything you could potentially encounter.

Ontario offers the ideal landscape for all-season riding. For those of you who can’t handle taking a couple of months off your bike in the winter months, we’ve outlined simple things you need to do to ensure your safety while riding this winter.

Three Easy Ways To Prepare for Winter Riding

#1 Always Be Alert

Full transparency, riding in winter isn’t overly popular, that (among other things) hinders your visibility. You must constantly scan for drivers, plows, black ice, salt and road damage caused by Ontario winter weather. Ultimatemotorcycing.com explains that road salt needs to be treated the same way as ice – avoid at all cost, as it decreases traction. The impact the weather has on roads can easily rupture or damage your tires.

#2 Be Realistic About Snow Fall

It’s probably important to remind you that your motorcycle wasn’t created for winter snowy riding. Hence, the need for winter motorcycle tires, Motorcycle Central has a great article titled, A Guide To Choosing Winter Tires For Your Motorbike that will help you with your selection. Also, if there is significant snowfall, you shouldn’t ride your motorcycle unless you’re in a controlled environment.

#3 Purchase All The Essential Gear

Winter weather in Ontario is unpredictable, which means you have to be prepared for anything. Ensuring you have the proper gear includes a number of things from what you wear to the adjustments and modifications you make to your motorcycle. All of these decisions will be unique to your particular bike.  

Getting prepared for winter riding is an essential step to surviving and thriving on your motorcycle. Don’t take Ontario winter weather lightly!

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