Tips to Winterize Your Motorcycle Gear for Winter Storage

With the warmer Ontario weather we’ve experienced this winter, there have been more riding opportunities. Regardless, we’ve shared tips on how to winterize your motorcycle gear.
Tips to Winterize Your Motorcycle Gear for Winter Storage, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

For those of you who’ve decided to store your bike until spring, and have put away your motorcycle for winter, we are here to remind you to winterize your gear!

Considering, Ontario winters are typically long, you have plenty of time to winterize your motorcycle gear so that come spring your bike is in top shape. Follow our helpful tips that explain how to store your gear properly throughout our glorious Ontario winter.

Five Simple Ways to Winterize Motorcycle Gear

#1 Jacket

If you leave your motorcycle jacket in the garage all winter, the leather will become stiff and could crack and break.  After your last motorcycle ride, give your jacket a good clean with a leather cleaner to remove any dirt and dust that have accumulated from your rides. After it’s clean, let in hang in a closet in your house.

#2 Helmet

You can preserve your motorcycle helmet by not letting in sit in the garage.  Clean it after your last ride and then sore it in its helmet box, or you can wrap it in a towel.  Keep your helmet inside where it won’t be exposed to winter temperatures.

#3 Gloves

Clean your motorcycle gloves with leather cleaners and conditioners to keep them soft and then store them inside so they stay dry.

#4 Boots

Many motorcycle boots can be worn all year long so even if you’re not going to ride in winter, you can still wear them to walk around.  If you do want to keep them for riding only, winterize them by cleaning them and storing them in a box inside.

#5 Glasses

Most motorcycle glasses are plastic, and they will crack if left cold temperatures.  Clean them, store them in a box and keep them in your house. 

We hope you found our Ontario winterizing tips for your motorcycle gear helpful!!

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