Why Gloves Are Essential for Motorcycle Riding

Winter is here and most of us are still riding our motorcycles because cold weather and a little snow won’t stop us. I’m sure you wouldn’t forget to wear your gloves considering the frigid temperatures. Regardless of the season, wearing gloves is extremely important.
Why Gloves Are Essential for Motorcycle Riding, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

There are many reasons why wearing gloves while riding your motorcycle is important. Check out our list!

4 Reasons Why You Must Always Wear Gloves

1 Protect Your Hands

How are you going to ride if you injure your hands? Your hands are one of the most important parts of safe and successful riding so, if you hurt them, you may not be able to ride your motorcycle!

2 You Can’t Predict Falls

Even the most experienced riders can still fall, even when they least expect it. Always wear your gloves no matter how far you’re riding.

3 You Need The Grip

That’s a bit of a tongue twister but it’s true. Having a good grip on your handles is so important for safe riding. Gloves ensure you don’t slip off the handles and during the winter months, they obviously provide insulation to make riding less unbearable and more comfortable.

4 Avoid That Numb Feeling

Many of us have experienced hand numbness after riding for an extensive length of time. This feeling is uncomfortable and it’s also dangerous. In order to operate your motorcycle correctly, you must be able to feel your hands. Gloves protect your hands against the vibrations from the bike.

So remember, even when the weather starts to warm up, wear your gloves to protect your hands. Did you know you can buy heated gloves for winter riding? Check out our blog on heated gloves here. Happy winter riding!

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