Essential Motorcycle Gear for Winter Riding

Winter is here and that means cold weather! For those of you who plan to ride your motorcycles throughout winter, there is some essential winter gear you should invest in.
Essential Motorcycle Gear for Winter Riding, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Have you been riding your motorcycle this winter?  Here we’ll talk about all the important gear you’ll need to protect yourself from the cold during your winter rides!

Winter Motorcycle Gear Checklist

  • Base Layer – For the layer that sits directly on your skin, you’ll want something breathable; a light cotton shirt is a good option.
  • Insulation Layer – This layer should work to keep your body’s natural heat from escaping.  Good options include heavy cotton or fleece, although sometimes bulky.  There are modern synthetic fiber options that are a good alternative and that aren’t as bulky which allow for ease of movement needed while out on your winter ride.
  • Outer Shell – Your jacket should be windproof and waterproof in order to protect you from winter’s harsh elements.  You may also want to consider getting a jacket that is armoured to protect you in case of a fall.
  • Pants – You’ll want to wear waterproof pants over a base layer to keep warm.  Some companies design winter motorcycle pants that include outer layers and built-in insulation.  You may want to consider a one-piece winter bodysuit because it prevents the wind from getting into the gaps of your clothes. 
  • Helmets– During winter and in extreme cold weather, a full-face motorcycle helmet is crucial and the best option to keep the cold and wind out of your eyes and face.  You can add a neck warmer for additional insulation and protection from the cold weather. 
  • Gloves– Insulated, weatherproof gloves are essential for any winter ride in order to keep warm.  Protecting your hands from the cold winter is important to that your hands can still function when braking and shifting.  You can read our blog about heated gloves here.
  • Boots – Your winter riding boots should be insulated and waterproof.  You may also want to invest in taller boots as extra protection for your legs.  In extremely cold weather, you can use heated insoles to provide extra warmth.

Keep yourself warm during your winter rides by layering up and investing in the appropriate gear.  Ensure you’re prepared for the cold weather before heading out on your motorcycle.

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