We Have the Best Fall Touring Tips for You!

Even though the colder weather is here, there are plenty of motorcycle rides ahead. Here we provide some help fall touring tips to ensure your motorcycle rides are safe and warm!
We Have the Best Fall Touring Tips for You, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

If you’re like us, we’re not even close to being ready to put away our motorcycles.  In fact, we’re just getting started on enjoying our fall motorcycle rides.  Read our touring tips if you plan on enjoying fall and riding your motorcycle for a little while longer, too!

6 Tips For Motorcycle Touring This Fall

#1 Wear Layers

Fall weather can be unpredictable so you should bring enough layers even if it’s warm when you start your ride.  Be sure to pack water proof gear and extra clothes on your motorcycle just in case.

#2 Stay Even Warmer

Besides the usual layers, you may want to invest in heated hand grips and heated seats – they will help to keep you warm on cold fall morning motorcycle rides.

#3 Check the Tires

Make sure the tread on your motorcycle’s tires doesn’t look warn. If they need to be replaced, do so before you leave for your fall trip.

#4 Take Your Time

Enjoy your fall ride and relax – try not to rush.  Take your time and enjoy all the beautiful scenery fall has to offer. 

#5 Pack a Camera

There will be lots to see on your ride from the colourful leaves to the wildlife that will be moving around during the fall season.  Share your fall motorcycle ride pictures with us here: INSERT LINK.  We’d love to see them!

#6 Keep Your Eye on the Weather

Like with any journey, always check the weather before you leave so you can prepare yourself for anything.  Fall can bring strong winds, heavy rains and you could even run into snow.  Being prepared for various weather conditions will help to keep you safe.

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