The Truth About Fall Motorcycle Safety

Before winter arrives, riders will be out on their motorcycles enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Each season brings various hazards and it’s important to be prepared for fall rides in order to stay safe.
The Truth About Fall Motorcycle Safety, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Are you ready for your first fall motorcycle ride?  We want you to be prepared so we’ve outlined some hazards you should be aware of.

#1 Potholes

Potholes on the road can become buried by the fallen leaves and they are a real threat to motorcycle riders.  The best thing to do if you notice a pothole is to avoid it and slow down so you don’t have to swerve or stop abruptly.  You always want to be in control of your motorcycle during your rides.

#2 Dirt on the Roads

Oil and dirt are lifted to the surface of the road in fall during the first rain after a dry period.  You should ride slower as roads might be slick and slowing down will allow you to have a better reaction time and better control of your motorcycle.

#3 Cooler Temperatures

The cooler temperatures in fall mean the roads will also be colder.  Your motorcycle tires have less traction on cold roads so ride slower.  Ensure you are also prepared for the cooler fall weather by wearing layers and packing extra clothes.

#4 Wildlife

You are less protected driving a motorcycle than a car, so collisions with small animals could cause you serious injuries.  Always be on the lookout for wildlife as you ride by scanning the road, especially in areas with lots of trees and greenery.

We hope you found this article to be helpful and we hope you enjoy all your motorcycle rides during this fall season! Don’t forget, we can save you money on motorcycle insurance as well, get a no-obligation quote today!

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