Everything You Need To Know About Staying Cool on Summer Rides

In Ontario, we have a short riding season. We don't want the heat keeping you off your motorcycle, so check out these simple tips to keep cool this summer.
Everything You Need To Know About Staying Cool on Summer Rides, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We know how amazing summer riding is and that’s why we’ve outlined simple tips to keep you cool this summer season!

8 Tips That Will Keep You Cool While Riding This Summer

#1 Stay Hydrated

While riding this summer, always have a cold bottle of water with you and be sure to stop every hour for a drink.

#2 Wear Sunscreen

Before you hop on your motorcycle this summer make sure you put sunscreen on! Don’t forget your hands, wrists, and back of your neck. This will help prevent any uncomfortable sunburns!

#3 White Helmet

A white helmet will reflect the heat from the summer sun away from you.

#4 Wet A Bandana

Wearing a wet bandana around your neck will help keep you cool while riding this summer.

#5 Ventilated Gloves

Wear ventilated motorcycle gloves in the summer to allow your hands to breath.

#6 The Sheepskin Trick

Cut out a piece of sheepskin and place it on your motorcycle seat wool side up. This will allow your butt to breath and keep things cool.

#7 Smart Clothing Choices

While riding your motorcycle this summer wear light-colored, breathable clothing to avoid attracting the sun and allow your body to breathe and keep cool.

#8 Cooling Vest

A cooling vest will circulate cool water through it to keep your body from overheating while riding your motorcycle on the hottest summer days.

We hope these tips will help keep you cool while riding your motorcycle this summer! Don’t miss out on reading, How the Sun is Sucking the Life Out of Your Motorcycle.

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