The Modern Rules Of Finding The Right Motorcycle Helmet

Finding the right motorcycle helmet is extremely important! Buying the correct fit could be the difference between life and death.
The Modern Rules Of Finding The Right Motorcycle Helmet, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

When it comes to buying the right motorcycle helmet, you must consider many variables, including a variety of makes and models. It seems like it would be a simple task, but it isn’t and that’s why we’ve outlined the modern rules to find what’s best for you!

Four Modern Rules to Finding That Perfect Helmet

Rule #1 | The importance of your helmet’s fit

Did you know that a helmet that is just one size too big reduces your level of protection by 30%? That’s why it’s vital you purchase a properly sized helmet and FYI your motorcycle helmet should be a tight fit, almost to the point of being uncomfortable…

Rule #2 | Understanding the safety standards for your helmet

If you’re in the market to purchase a new motorcycle helmet, make sure the helmet passes the safety standards and requirements in your specific country and province.  In Ontario, the motorcycle helmet you purchase should conform to one or more of the safety standards.

Rule #3 | Selecting a helmet that fits your individual usage

If you ride your motorcycle daily or enjoy a good road trip, a higher end helmet may prove to be more comfortable and offer better dynamics to reduce wind noise. If you plan to travel in groups, a helmet with built-in communication provisions would be ideal. Beginners who use their motorcycle occasionally will have a different helmet selection.

Rule #4 | The visual appeal of your motorcycle helmet

It is important to be visible on roadways to ensure your safety while you ride. Buy a motorcycle helmet with visible colour (not black) so that you will get noticed on the road and in traffic.

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