Picking the Right Motorcycle Training Course in Ontario

You’ve finally acted on that itch to buy a motorcycle, now it’s time to choose an accredited Ontario motorcycle training course. We have outlined everything you need to know!
Motorcycle Training Course in Ontario, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

What sets one motorcycle training course apart from another? Can the right course save you money on your motorcycle insurance in Ontario? Don’t worry, we’re here to steer you in the right direction!

How to Pick the Right Course for you:

#1 Ask for Referrals

When starting your search for a motorcycle training course start by asking family, friends, and experienced riders for advice and referrals – this gives you a chance to hear the pros and cons of different courses in Ontario from people you trust.

#2 Check Out the BEST Online Resource

We’ve outlined all the government approved motorcycle safety courses in Ontario. They are available through different community colleges and safety organizations within Ontario. Every course listed has been verified by The Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Taking one of these accredited courses in Ontario will save you time, and money (on your insurance).

#3 Are Motorcycles Provided?

A great way to test different motorcycles and get an idea of what you want to ride is through accredited motorcycle training courses. Many accredited courses in Ontario include the motorcycle in their registration fee.

#4 What’s the Student-Instructor Ratio?

When it comes to motorcycle training, you’ll want to find a course that offers a low student-to-instructor ratio. The more attention you receive during your training, the better the chances you’ll develop safe riding habits from the start. If you’d prefer an online course, we suggest you check out the CSC Online Motorcycle Safety Course.

Once you’ve completed your motorcycle training course and are ready to hit the road, be sure to visit us for a free quote!

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