Spring Riding Preparation Hacks

Spring is in the air, and we know how badly you want to ride your motorcycle. While we understand your excitement, we’re here to remind you to check out these spring riding preparation hacks.
Spring Riding Preparation Hacks, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Is your motorcycle ready for your first spring ride? We have provided some helpful hacks to get spring ride ready with this motorcycle spring checklist.

Motorcycle Maintenance Spring Checklist

HACK 1 |Engine

After a winter off, it is essential to check the most important part of your motorcycle; the engine. Start by replacing any gearbox and engine oils, and then replace any rusty cylinders. If the motorcycle’s clutch plates are sticking, pull the clutch and rock the bike back and forth.

HACK 2 |Electrical System

Use a DC voltage check to see if your battery requires charging. Once that is sorted out, ensure all your motorcycle’s lights work and replace any damaged or dead lights before you ride.

HACK 3 |Oil and Fuel

If you didn’t change your bike’s oil before storage, it is important you do so before your first ride this spring. It is also important that you re-fuel the motorcycle, especially if fuel stabilizer was not used over the winter.

HACK 4 |Steering

Check for looseness in the steering head and if you feel movement, make sure to tighten it. Also, if you have not changed your fork oil recently be sure to do so.

HACK 5 |Motorcycle Gear

Before you ride, be sure to check your motorcycle gear! Make sure everything is in good condition and replace anything that appears worn.

We hope the above information will help you enjoy the spring riding season.

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