Ten Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Motorcyclist in Your Life!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is definitely in the air! Instead of buying the usual we came up with some ideas that your motorcycle lover will be sure to enjoy.
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Motorcyclist in Your Life! StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We’ve broken down the ten BEST Valentine’s gifts for the motorcyclist in your life into three different categories. You can thank us later…

Accessories for the Motorcycle Lover

  1. Heated Grips: Even though Valentine’s Day is in winter, you can warm your lover’s heart and hands with heated grips that help to make braking and shifting easier.
  2. Auxiliary Power Supply: Pocket-sized portable jumper starters and battery packs to charge USB devices or to jump-start your bike’s battery.
  3. Satellite Communicators: GPS trackers allow riders to communicate their location and assist with navigation, helping give your loved ones peace of mind.
  4. Throttle Lock: A small gadget that provides mechanical cruise control.  Long distance riders will thank you.
  5. Windscreen: A well designed, fitted, and properly installed windscreen to keep bugs, dirt, and debris out of a rider’s face. Windscreens can also protect against wind chill and heavy rain and snow.

Maintenance Gifts Perfect for Valentine’s Day

  1. Tool Kit: A motorcycle take-along tool kit for quick roadside fixes.
  2. Multi-Tool: A pocket-sized multi-tool that packs multiple functions and capabilities into one.
  3. Ergonomic Improvements: A professional can help to make a bike the perfect fit by customizing the position, foot pegs, and handlebars.  These customizations help to improve body positioning, line of sight and comfort.

One of a Kind Motorcycle Experiences

  1. Skills Training: Advanced rider training courses allow riders to practice their skills under the guidance of a professional instructor. Make sure to look for courses from recognized organizations.
  2. Road Trip: Create your own road trip for your bike riding Valentine with romantic stops along the way!

We hope you love our gift ideas – happy spending and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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