New Helmet Technology That Will Change Your Life

Are you fed up with conventional motorcycle helmets? If you’re looking for something more sophisticated and safe, look no further! We’ve provided you with the latest motorcycle helmet technology available!
New Helmet Technology That Will Change Your Life, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

The following helmets are redefining how you ride your motorcycle. They feature new technology that will make you rethink the helmet you’re using!


This motorcycle helmet is made by Skully and features a Heads-Up-Display. If you saw someone wearing it, you wouldn’t necessarily think anything was different about it. This helmet provides the rider total control of their surroundings, as it features a rearview mirror and navigation system. The Skully AR-1 HUD was designed around the needs of the motorcycle rider. The visor goes from light to dark at the push of a button, has fully integrated Bluetooth speakers and built-in GPS navigation, you get turn-by-turn directions! PICTURE SOURCE |


Introducing a fabulous NEW Canadian made helmet called, LIGHTMODE! Considering the lights on your motorcycle only offer so much visibility, this new helmet technology is a game changer. The LIGHTMODE helmet provides you with more visibility of the road, but it also ensures other motorists see you. LIGHTMODE offers unique LED kits for converting your favourite helmet into a very visible protection device.  Make sure you check them out today! PICTURE SOURCE |


Ever wanted to listen to music while you ride but are sick of wearing earbuds? Look no further! Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets have built-in speakers so that you can listen to your favourite tunes on the go. There are a couple other brands out there that also have built-in speakers, as well as kits to transform your current helmet into a sound booth. recently posted a great article outlining the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets of 2018, we recommend checking it out. Pictured is the ILM Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip Up with Sun Shield. PICTURE SOURCE |

As technology evolves, it continues to improve motorcycle helmets! We hope you found the latest and greatest advancements in motorcycle helmets informative.


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