Fall In Love With The Top 10 Custom Motorcycles

Considering we are in the middle of bike season, it’s time to discuss the top ten custom motorcycles you’ll fall in love with.
Fall In Love With The Top 10 Custom Motorcycles, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

The top 10 custom motorcycle list changes every year, with different styles fading and new ones making their appearance. 

1 | Rough Crafts Bavarian Fistfighter

The BMW R nine T has an amazing stance and style that was inspired by classic BMW’s in the past.

2 | Classified Moto’s Honda XR650L

This bike demonstrates how custom bikes should be built. John Ryland, who has won many awards in the past just fell short of earning the number one spot on this top 10 list.

3 | BMW R5 Hommage

BMW created this bike as a tribute to the original R5 by using replica parts of the original model. This bike truly shows off BMW’s amazing heritage. 

4 | Federal Moto’s Honda CB550

This model features a Yamaha R6 front with very different modifications to the engine.

5 | NCT’s BMW R100 ‘Black Stallion”

This bike definitely pushes all the boundaries and showcases the amazing work done by Austria’s National Custom Tech team.

6 | Auto Fabrica’s Honda CX500

With a sleek and elegant design, this bike defines one of the most astonishing transformation of the year. 

7 | Down & Out Triumph Bonneville T100

As usual, a D&O bike does not disappoint. With its different tire look, this bike is one of the best custom bikes done by Bonneville.

8 | XTR Peop Harley-Davidson Dyna

This bike features the 2000 model, with added accessories and styles it easily made this top 10 list. 

9 | Hazan Motorworks BSA

It was the little details that got this bike on the list, like the see-through oil tank. As well as the curves from top to bottom.

10 | Revival BMW Landspeeder

This bike represents pure skill. Inspired by 1928 BMW R37 it transforms the tubular steel look into a flat-cut look.

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Source: http://www.bikeexif.com

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