3 Things Nobody Told You About Motorcycles & Camping

Who doesn’t love a camping trip with their motorcycle? It really is the perfect summer combination.
3 Things Nobody Told You About Motorcycles & Camping, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

#1 Compact is the key concept

Everyone who enjoying’s camping with their motorcycle will tell you that traveling compact is the key concept to focus on. It forces you to pack light, with only the essentials. Items like sleeping bags, pots and pans become a priority on your packing list, which leaves very little room for any other items to make the trip with you.

#2 Be prepared for cool evenings

One item that campers can never forget is their fleece clothes for cold evenings. These items can be compact and keep you warm. Another bonus is they can be as inexpensive as you want them to be. Microfiber material will do the trick for when you are riding in hot temperature to keep you cool, as well as keep you warm as night beside the campfire. Packing your clothes for a camping trip has never been easier.

#3 Luggage & extra storage

When it comes to luggage for your motorcycle, you have three options: hard luggage, leather luggage, and textile luggage. Jim Panhead explores the pros and cons of each luggage and we highly recommend you check out what he has to say.

If you do need a little extra storage, there are a number of tent trailers you can have behind your bike. This will allow you to lengthen your trip as you can bring more supplies with you.

While you are planning your summer camping trip, we suggest you check for any motorcycle events along the way. Camping with your motorcycle brings great opportunities to see different places, meet new people, and learn more about your bike. Provincial and National Parks are always ideal locations throughout the summer to set up camp for the night.

Source: www.revzilla.com

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