The Rules To Surviving Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding

Looking to stay cool while you’re riding this summer? We have some suggestions on gear to look for that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable.
The Rules To Surviving Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We understand that you want to stay safe why enjoying your summer motorcycle rides. It’s essential to have the right protection while riding, but wearing all that heavy motorcycle gear in the summer isn’t overly appealing. Thankfully there is gear that allows you to have the protection you need but also stay cool in the summer riding months.

1 | Ventilated Jackets

Look for ventilated motorcycle jackets that are equipped with open weave fibers and fabrics that dry quickly. This allows it to be a light jacket but still features protective materials within the jacket so you are not blocking airflow.

2 | Mesh Pants

If you find motorcycle riding pants with air mesh panels it will increase the air ventilation within your suit and allow you to stay cool.

3 | Gloves

When looking for those summer riding gloves you have a few things to consider. You want to make sure there is a ventilation system on the digits, as this allows you to control the airflow. If you are looking for fingerless motorcycle gloves, you need to make sure you are getting essential protection where you know you need it most. Another thing to consider when looking for gloves is to make sure they are lightweight and perforated leather. The perforated leather allows you to have a better grip with added holes for better airflow.

Riding in the summer heat can get uncomfortable, but with these suggestions, we know you’ll be able to stay cool this summer on your motorcycle!


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