Is Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring Riding?

It’s finally time to get your motorcycle out to ride! However, there are a couple things you need to know to ensure your bike is spring riding ready.
Is Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring Riding? StreetRider Insurance, Ontario
Before you take your motorcycle for that first ride spring ride remember that is has been sitting in the garage or the storage unit all winter long.

Check out our checklist that will make sure your motorcycle is more than ready to hit the road for spring riding.

  1. Tires – When driving a motorcycle, you are putting your trust into the tires, so why not take the extra time to make sure they are in good shape for the season ahead. Look for some wear and tear bump on your tires, tire pressure and any other damage that is visible.
  2. Brakes – Believe it or not, the brakes on your motorcycles of wear indicators, you are able to see if the brake pads, they are worn out. If they are, we suggest replacing them now rather than the middle of riding season.
  3. Fluids – Spring is a great time to change the oil in your motorcycle. Following up with a check of your motorcycle brake fluid.
  4. Lights – Most importantly you want to make sure all the lights on your bike are working if any of them are out, be sure to replace them in the spring.
  5. Safety of the roads – Spring riding is the most dangerous for any motorcyclist. Coming off of the winter season, the condition of the roads are not ideal. Keep in mind you will come across many potholes and new drivers who have never shared the road with any type of bike before.

We hope this checklist will get you and your motorcycle ready for spring riding!

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