Why You Should Ignore these Motorcycle Myths

When it comes to motorcycles there are a variety of myths that just aren’t true, that is why we’ve shared some of the most ridiculous in an effort to clear the air for our riders.
Why You Should Ignore these Motorcycle Myths, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario
Recently we came across this interesting article on MotorbikeWriter.com, written by Mark Hinchliffe and it is about old motorcycle myths, so we thought we would share his wisdom. 

4 Motorcycle Myths to Ignore

MYTH 1| Motorcycle jackets are only needed for cold weather

This is simply untrue. Motorcycle jackets play a much larger role than keeping you warm, they protect a rider’s body in multiple ways. According to Motorcycles.org, “The best, safest jackets have armor—both stiff plates and soft pads of material, designed to absorb the energy of the crash. Jacket armor should protect elbows, shoulders and even the spine.” Furthermore, they provide necessary visibility with reflective strips and colours. Riders can purchase protective jackets for the summer that have cooling systems built in.

MYTH 2| You cannot ride in the rain

Hinchliffe explains, “There were three reasons I was told never to ride in the rain – it rusted the bike, the roads are too slippery and there is no way to stay dry. Modern bikes are treated for rust prevention, modern treads are much grippier in the wet and today’s motorcycle gear is very protective.”

MYTH 3| Don’t wear lace-up motorcycle boots

I’m sure you’ve heard that lace-up boots are dangerous as they can get caught in your bike…well the truth is that lace-up boots make it easy to take off your boots and adjust the fit.

MYTH 4| Riding a motorcycle = you’re going to die

“Yes, you are more vulnerable, but with some training, you can be a safe and long-term motorcyclist,” said Hinchliffe. He is correct, especially considering the latest safety gear for riders, like smart helmets and enhanced protective gear.

Be sure to check out Hinchliffe’s 10 motorcycle myths that he knows to be false, you won’t regret it!

Source: www.motorbikewriter.com

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