Facts About Smart Helmets That Will Blow Your Mind

Just when you thought riding could not possibly be any more exciting, they introduce smart helmets! Smart helmets offer riders a variety of built-in ‘smart’ elements.
Facts About Smart Helmets, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario
A helmet is arguably the most important piece of protective gear for riders. We’ll blow your mind with all the ways smart helmets can make your ride safer, and enjoyable!

Built-in Smart Elements

No, we are not talking about an episode from the Jetsons. Technology is creeping up in every aspect of our lives, so why should riding be left out? Check out everything the smart helmet offers riders;

#1 Smart Eye Accessories

Smart eye accessories display data in the rider’s peripheral vision. Rider data is easily accessible and offers the rider relevant information, including gas, speed, and weather.

# 2 Navigation

No more mounted GPS devices. GPS and navigation information can be integrated into your field of vision so that you can keep your eye on the road. The smart helmet can provide you with direction, as well as distance and time to destination.

#3 Rear View Cameras

Rearview cameras can help to reduce, or even remove, potential blind spots for riders. This feature can provide you with video display feed and optimum 360-degree views.

#4 Bluetooth Functionality

With the 2010 Ontario ban on handheld devices for drivers, Bluetooth functionality, and built-in speakers takes “hands-free” to the next level. Still, Bluetooth technology can still reduce your focus on the road. To learn more about distractions for riders, check out The Top 3 Distractions for Riders to Avoid

Smart helmets are revolutionizing safety and convenience for riders. Manufacturers will be challenged to design these multi-functional helmets, without sacrificing the comfort and structural integrity of motorcycle helmets. Keep your eye out when gearing up this spring!

Source: www.digitaltrends.com

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