Will You Be My Valentine? 3 Benefits of Dating a Motorcycle Rider

Valentine’s day is creeping up quickly and if you were wondering, there are benefits to dating a motorcycle rider!
3 Benefits of Dating a Motorcycle Rider, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Will you be mine? Cupid, cinnamon hearts, and….motorcycle riders? According to a survey done by Match.com, “motorcycle” was the second most popular word used by women when searching dating profiles.

Their happiness is contagious.

Motorcycle riders report being more satisfied and less stressed in their lives and relationships, compared to non-riders. Motorcycles can be a good form of stress relief for your valentine. According to a study done by Tokyo University, riding can also enhance cognitive ability in those who ride often. So, not only will your valentine be happy, but they might also be smarter.

They are easy to buy for.

Do you find yourself stuck on what to buy your valentine each year? Buying the perfect gift for your motorcycle riding valentine is easy! Check out the brand of motorcycle your valentine rides and get them some branded merchandise. Need some more ideas? Check out our blog A Motorcyclist’s Holiday Wish List, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you broke it, they can probably fix it.

No need to hire a handyman! Most motorcycle riders are mechanically inclined and can be handy to have around the house. Does your valentine ride dirt bikes? Even better! Dirt bike riders are even more likely to know a thing or two about turning wrenches.

Considering the benefits in dating a motorcycle rider, you better try to catch one before February 14, 2018! 

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