Five Useful Motorcycle Tips for the Christmas Season

When it comes to the Christmas Season we don’t really know what kind of riding weather we’ll get in Ontario. So as our Christmas present to you, our dope readers, we’ve outlined tips for riding your motorcycle this holiday season.

Tips for Cold Weather Riding (NO SNOW)

1| Stay warm! It’s all about the layers…

When it comes to riding in frigid temperatures it’s essential you layer your clothing. Start with a base layer that protects your full leg and arms and get sweat resistant winter socks. Then add a heated vest, a winter jacket, waterproof overpants, protective winter gloves, chest guard, winter hat, neck and head protective cover, and a winterized helmet, to name a few.

2| Get your motorcycle winter ready

You’ll need to get a huge windscreen and handguards to protect you from the elements. Also, we recommend getting heated grips, Ron Lieback of Ultimate Motorcycling says he uses Hot Grips and the installation is simple. Don’t forget to use fresh antifreeze!

3| Watch for ice

When it comes to ice on the road avoid it at all cost!  According to Ron Lieback of Ultimate Motorcycling“Salt is not only an enemy to metal but also traction. Treat salt like ice; if you see crystalized appearances on the side of the road, stay away.”

Tips for Snowy Weather Riding

4| Go slow when it comes to snow

Riding in the snow can be tricky, so take it slow, don’t rush anything and be as smooth with your steering as possible.

5| Watch for compacted snow

When it comes to snow, compacted snow is the most dangerous as it can be incredibly slippery.

Stay safe this holiday season and if you are riding make sure you take all the necessary precautions when it comes to the weather!  


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