5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

Are you thinking about buying your first motorcycle? If so, it’s a decision that shouldn't be rushed. Considering these 5 crucial questions can help you to narrow down your bike options and make sure you are getting exactly what you want, and need.
5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Motorcycle, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

#1 Is Bigger Really Better?

When looking at bikes, you want to make sure that you are being sensible and not buying more bike than you need. Try out some of the smaller, entry-level motorcycles that are available. Some motorcycle models under 250cc include:

Honda: CBR125R sportbike, CRF230L dual purpose, 250 Rebel cruiser

Kawasaki: Ninja 250

Suzuki: Marauder 250 cruiser, DR200 dirt/ street bike

Yamaha: V-Star 240 cruiser

#2 What Kind of Riding Will I Be Doing?

Ask yourself what kind of riding you plan on doing during your first year. If you plan on riding on dirt roads, you will need a different type of bike than you would need for weekend rides or commuting. 

#3 Does This Bike Fit Me?

Make sure the motorcycle fits you. Most dealerships have demo bikes or bikes in their showroom. Sit on the bike with both of your feet flat on the ground and make sure you can comfortably reach the handlebars. Check that you are able to pick the motorcycle up if you have to.

#4 Can I Try It Before I Buy It?

Manufacturers tour the country with their demo ride programs. Signing up for a demo ride programs allow you to try out different models of bikes on a chaperoned loop. This allows you to try it out and decide on a model that suits you best. You can also compare models on the CMG Buyer’s Guide

#5 Can I Afford to Insure It?

Before you purchase your bike, make sure that you can afford to insure it. Insurance costs vary, so before you sign the dotted line, call your insurance broker to see what the bike will cost you to insure.

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