10 Solid Touring Tips that will Change the Way you Travel

It’s important to be prepared for a motorcycle touring trip! We have outlined 10 solid tips that will change the way you travel.
Touring Tips that will Change the Way you Travel, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

When it comes to motorcycle touring travel, being prepared means you can save time, and have more fun instead of worrying! Check out our 10 touring tips – we think you’ll find them very helpful in preparing for your next tour!

1| Carry a Spare Key

Hide your spare somewhere on your motorcycle or trade your spare key with a traveling companion. 

2 | Change Your Meal Times

By changing the time you eat while touring, you’ll get in and out of restaurants quickly without having to wait.

3 | Use a Backpack Hydration System

Especially with the summer hot weather, a hydration system will come in handy so that you can drink while you tour, ensuring you stay hydrated on your travels.

4 | Pack a Motorcycle Cover

A motorcycle cover helps to keep your bike dry and clean overnight and it tends to discourage thieves. 

5 | Know Where You Are

During your summer tours, it’s imperative to keep track of where you are by taking note of road signs with town names and highway numbers.  This information is important if you are in an emergency and dispatch needs to know your whereabouts.  

6 | Travel Rest Day

If you are going on a long touring trip, plan a day of doing nothing throughout your travels.  A day of rest is important and a vital aspect of your summer motorcycle travel.  

7 | Wear Earplugs

While touring this summer, be sure to protect your ears by wearing ear plugs. They are compact and will help to reduce wind noise. 

8 | Check Your Motorcycle before You Ride

Take the time to look over your bike each morning before you begin your tour.  Check things like air pressure, loose or missing fasteners and oil levels.  Doing this each day (especially during the summer) can save you hassle.  

9 | Avoid Riding into the Sun

If you happen to be traveling east or west, schedule your breakfast and dinner times near sunrise or sunset so you are not stuck staring into the sun when it is low on the horizon.

3 | Stay Organized

If you are planning a long summer tour with lots of stops, prepare an envelope for each day that you’re gone.  Label the envelopes with the dates and locations and then fill them with important  travel information like hotel reservations and an itinerary. 

If you are touring this summer, be sure to send us your summer tour pictures!!

Source: buffalochip.com

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